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The Snooze Button Strikes Again!

Between school and working two jobs, the mornings are the only time I’m able to get my workout in.  Ah..but as soon as I hear the sound of my obnoxious alarm ringing in my ear, I immediate hit the dreaded snooze button.  Sometimes I’m not even conscious I’ve punched it.  I’ll eventually look at the clock and think, “Crap! I’m not even going to have time to do a push up now!” I can’t tell you how many times my snooze has ruined plans of getting up early. There are just some mornings that I can’t even find the energy to fall out of bed.  I’ve thought about working out in the evenings, but by the time I get home I’m exhausted.  Plus, I’m pretty sure working out before bed keeps you from getting a good night sleep (or at least it’s harder to fall asleep).

Anyways, I’ve been having the battle with my snooze for the past couple days now.  I’m normally pretty good about lighting a fire under my butt and getting out of bed, but this morning was especially difficult.  I had a midterm today and wanted to get time in to study for that as well.  I woke up, but later than I had intended, so I had the choice of either studying or working out… obviously school won that battle.  Tomorrow will be the day I get back into the swing of things.  I’m actually positioning my alarm clock across the room, so I’ll have to get up anyways to turn it off and won’t be hitting it in my sleep.  I might even set it a few minutes fast, so I trick myself into thinking it’s later than it actually is.

I feel ridiculous having to even do all that, but I guess whatever it takes!  Like I said, I think I’ve just had so much going on between work and school that my motivation to get up early has left.  And maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that I’ve gotten some sleep the past couple days.  My body probably needed a break and I guess it’s good to listen to your body.  I just can’t let that snooze button sabotage all my morning plans!

No…You Will Not Turn Into Arnold Schwartzenegger

There are so many misconceptions about weight training. Many women stay as far away from dumbbells for fear of developing a body builder physique. Truth is, it takes a lot of hard work and training to become a body builder. I have never heard of anyone who accidentally gained that kind of muscle. Professional weight lifters are actually dedicating their life to getting that body. That’s not going to happen unless that’s what your intending to create.

That said, there are TONS of benefits to pumping iron a couple days a week. First off, you’ll maintain your lean muscle mass which tends to decrease with age. You’ll look toned all over. Your clothes will fit better. Your bones and joints will be stronger. You’ll gain strength and have the ability to push yourself harder.

I love weight training so much! I never used to do anything with weights, or if I did I didn’t use them properly so I never saw results. Now that I incorporate them into my workouts; my arms are super toned, my back is strong (thanks pushups!), and I actually can see my ab muscles.

I highly recommend doing some form of weights a couple days a week along with cardio. You’ll feel strong and look great!

Helpful Hints
Make sure you rest your muscles by not working the same muscle groups ever day. Ex: Doing arms and back one day and legs and chest the next.

Make sure you aren’t lifting too heavy or too light of weight. For women, doing lighter weight with higher reps (12-15 reps 2x) seems to work great. Still, if you are getting to your last rep and it feels too easy, it probably is. Just increase the weight slightly so that your muscles are getting the most from the exercise.

Also, enjoy a glass of chocolate milk post-workout! Makes for a great recovery drink.

Additional Info

Sample workouts for women (may require you to sign up for username)

Mayo clinic explains health benefits

Fast Food = Fail?

MacDonalds sign in Times Square, New York
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My husband and I travel a lot.  Between school, appointments and getting together with family, we have quite a few long drives every couple weeks.  This makes any diet more difficult and it’s hard to avoid stopping at the “golden arches” every now and then.  I guess I’m one of those people who haven’t discovered a way to avoid fast food completely.  Still, I think I’ve dissected the menus enough to know what won’t take a millions squats to get off my thighs. 

I’ve found the best things to go for are grilled chicken breast sandwiches, plain hamburgers and skipping the soda and fries (get iced tea or just water instead).  Also, I’m not a fan of mayo anyways so it’s not hard for me to go without.  But it’s also a good idea not to load up on it, you’ll save a lot of calories and probably won’t miss it much. 

When in doubt, Subway is a good bet for fast food.  As long as you stay away from the meatball sub and once again, don’t load up on mayo. 

The hardest place to find healthy options is KFC. How do you find a healthy morsel in a place known for its fried food?  Thankfully, they’ve made it a bit easier by giving us the grilled option.  KFC’s grilled chicken is much better for you than the fried (obviously).  If you do end up with a bucket of fried, greasy chicken TAKE THE SKIN OFF.  It will save you tons of calories, trust me. 

Taco Bell has a low-calorie menu (black bean taco’s and such) which helps make a healthy choice there is well.  The portions are as large as what you might get with a taco salad, but it’s absolutely more diet friendly. Taco salads are a calorie trap, not a salad.

So keep this in mind if you’re busy and just don’t have time to get a good home cooked meal.  You don’t have to sabotage your diet to eat on the go.  Just don’t make it a part of your regular diet.

So does this mean I have to skip the turkey?!

Many people find healthy eating during the holidays to be the pits. Everyone around is shoving piles of mashed potatoes in their oversized mouths while you are left stabbing at the last piece of salad on your plate.

This holiday I am not going to be so hard on myself. Yes, I will still be mindful of my eating, but I will not feel guilty if I indulge in a small serving of green bean casserole. Why? Because I feel diets that don’t allow for a little leeway don’t last! It is unrealistic to try to ban any and all turkey dinners from now until eternity. Instead of completely nixing pumpkin pie, I will permit myself a small portion and then remember to work out harder the next day.

Shopping for P90x

I came across another blogger who had posted this extremely helpful grocery list.  I printed it out and took it to the store with me which made shopping for the diet VERY easy.  The hardest part was battling with the shoppers for the isle space to get the cart through!  If you’d like to see for yourself click on the link below and hopefully you’ll find it as useful as I did!

the p90x project

So this is my first real post for my new blog.  I’ve decided to track my P90x progress and share it with the world, along with any tips or tricks I pick up along the way.  Today is actually day 2 of the adventure.  For anyone who isn’t already familiar with P90x, it’s a workout system with about 13 dvds.  Every day is a different video which helps for people who are ADD when it comes to their workouts (like myself).  The workouts vary from Plyometrics (jump training) to old school push-ups and pull-ups to yoga.  There is a diet that you are advised to follow, mainly because you burn so many calories and work your muscles so intensely that it is smart to eat properly as well and get enough calories, etc.  I am not following the diet too closely, but I am making many of the recipes.  They aren’t difficult and taste pretty good!  I was surprised that I’ve been going through full days without my stomach growling while in class.  I’m not working out because I need to lose a lot of weight.  Mainly, I enjoy being active.  I was never a sports girl, but I enjoy the feeling I get after working hard.  I like to see what my body can handle and it makes me feel good the rest of the day.  Plus I like food and eating and this is my way of not feeling guilty for chowing down on the occasional ice cream sundae.  Anyways, follow along and feel free to give tips or ask for them as well.  I’ll try to help.