the p90x project

So this is my first real post for my new blog.  I’ve decided to track my P90x progress and share it with the world, along with any tips or tricks I pick up along the way.  Today is actually day 2 of the adventure.  For anyone who isn’t already familiar with P90x, it’s a workout system with about 13 dvds.  Every day is a different video which helps for people who are ADD when it comes to their workouts (like myself).  The workouts vary from Plyometrics (jump training) to old school push-ups and pull-ups to yoga.  There is a diet that you are advised to follow, mainly because you burn so many calories and work your muscles so intensely that it is smart to eat properly as well and get enough calories, etc.  I am not following the diet too closely, but I am making many of the recipes.  They aren’t difficult and taste pretty good!  I was surprised that I’ve been going through full days without my stomach growling while in class.  I’m not working out because I need to lose a lot of weight.  Mainly, I enjoy being active.  I was never a sports girl, but I enjoy the feeling I get after working hard.  I like to see what my body can handle and it makes me feel good the rest of the day.  Plus I like food and eating and this is my way of not feeling guilty for chowing down on the occasional ice cream sundae.  Anyways, follow along and feel free to give tips or ask for them as well.  I’ll try to help.


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