So does this mean I have to skip the turkey?!

Many people find healthy eating during the holidays to be the pits. Everyone around is shoving piles of mashed potatoes in their oversized mouths while you are left stabbing at the last piece of salad on your plate.

This holiday I am not going to be so hard on myself. Yes, I will still be mindful of my eating, but I will not feel guilty if I indulge in a small serving of green bean casserole. Why? Because I feel diets that don’t allow for a little leeway don’t last! It is unrealistic to try to ban any and all turkey dinners from now until eternity. Instead of completely nixing pumpkin pie, I will permit myself a small portion and then remember to work out harder the next day.


2 responses to “So does this mean I have to skip the turkey?!

  1. I feel the same way!!! plus I always feel bad when I dont eat something that a grandparent or kid made especially when they are REALLY proud of it.

    • I know! SO many relatives and friends would be offended if you didn’t try something that they slaved over the kitchen stove to make. I guess if I know it’s going to be something I regret eating, I’ll have a small portion or eat a little of it and ask to take some home. That way they know I like it and I’m not offending them, but not ruining my diet plans either! 🙂

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