Fast Food = Fail?

MacDonalds sign in Times Square, New York
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My husband and I travel a lot.  Between school, appointments and getting together with family, we have quite a few long drives every couple weeks.  This makes any diet more difficult and it’s hard to avoid stopping at the “golden arches” every now and then.  I guess I’m one of those people who haven’t discovered a way to avoid fast food completely.  Still, I think I’ve dissected the menus enough to know what won’t take a millions squats to get off my thighs. 

I’ve found the best things to go for are grilled chicken breast sandwiches, plain hamburgers and skipping the soda and fries (get iced tea or just water instead).  Also, I’m not a fan of mayo anyways so it’s not hard for me to go without.  But it’s also a good idea not to load up on it, you’ll save a lot of calories and probably won’t miss it much. 

When in doubt, Subway is a good bet for fast food.  As long as you stay away from the meatball sub and once again, don’t load up on mayo. 

The hardest place to find healthy options is KFC. How do you find a healthy morsel in a place known for its fried food?  Thankfully, they’ve made it a bit easier by giving us the grilled option.  KFC’s grilled chicken is much better for you than the fried (obviously).  If you do end up with a bucket of fried, greasy chicken TAKE THE SKIN OFF.  It will save you tons of calories, trust me. 

Taco Bell has a low-calorie menu (black bean taco’s and such) which helps make a healthy choice there is well.  The portions are as large as what you might get with a taco salad, but it’s absolutely more diet friendly. Taco salads are a calorie trap, not a salad.

So keep this in mind if you’re busy and just don’t have time to get a good home cooked meal.  You don’t have to sabotage your diet to eat on the go.  Just don’t make it a part of your regular diet.


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