Yoga Is Bringing Sexy Back

Vanity Fair - Planet Yoga

No This Is Not Me... Obviously!

Yoga has never been my kind of workout.  I guess I’m so used to being out of breath constantly and moving fast that the switch to yoga was hard to get used to.  Now that I’ve done it a few times through the P90x program, I’ve learned to love it.  I feel amazing, my body feels amazing and I can tell it’s working hard to hold those poses.

Now the other great part of yoga are the clothes.  Lets get real, the clothes make any woman look hot.  I love the yoga pants and the way my butt looks in them.  That said, I noticed that certain poses are more difficult even with yoga pants on.  Especially the tree pose because my foot slides on the fabric of the pants.  This was the case this morning, so I just ditched the pants and finished the workout in my boy short underwear… yes, underwear.  I actually enjoyed working out more while wearing less!  I think a part of it was just feeling sexier.  Obviously if you are going to perform yoga in your skibbies, I suggest you close the blinds.  You don’t want to attract peeping toms!

What you will attract is your boyfriend or husband.  Especially if they catch you working out in your cute undies.  My husband was doing the dishes at the time and peeked in while I was holding the bridge pose.  You could tell he appreciated my workouts a lot more.

Obviously, this may not be something you’d want to do every morning.  But on the days you’re feeling it, let yourself go and just enjoy the workout in a whole new way!


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