P90x Update!

So I’ve completed a little over a week of the program and today, my muscles are aching! I love the burn, so to me it’s just a sign that my body is actually getting something out of this whole thing.

Now I’ve been loosely following the diet. Mainly, I use the breakfast and dinner recipes and try to avoid as much junk food as possible.

All the hard work is paying off! I have some abs going. I’ve lost a healthy 2.5 pounds (which is great for me because I’m already at a healthy weight). My back is super strong, but not manly looking. All in all, I’m enjoying the program. The hardest part is the time commitment and dragging my butt out of bed early enough to fit in the workout.

I like Tony’s instruction and his tips that he gives. He clarifies proper form very well and it comes at just the right moment when I’m about to make a mistake.

The recipes taste great! My husband was afraid to try the Island Pork Tenderloin. He was seriously planning on getting take out if it was a dud. It ended up being his favorite meal that I’ve cooked lately! It was super easy to throw together too.

All in all, I’m loving it and looking forward to pressing play and bringing it some more!


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