Eat, Pray, Run

Run Like the Wind

Run Like the Wind

I have always hated running.  In high school, I yelled at my gym teacher during the dreaded (and mandatory) one-mile run – the one and only time I got in trouble in school.  I love the idea of being a runner.  I love the freedom running gives you and the sense of accomplishment at the end of a workout.  Still, I could never get over the feeling of not being able to breathe.  I was never comfortable with that initial lack of oxygen that kicked in after I ran a block or two.  Nevertheless, I have been determined to become a runner and hell I’m still stubborn enough to hold myself to that goal.

I recently began running on the treadmill at school (not the same as being outside – but it’s a freakin arctic tundra out there!).  I decided to hold off setting any mileage goals because I was completely unaware of my own capability.  Instead, I told myself I was going to go for at least 20 minutes regardless of the distance or the pace.

I made it about 2 miles in 20 minutes, which isn’t very fast and not a record breaking distance.  What-ev! I still was proud that I got myself to do it anways!  I’ve been averaging about the same time this whole week.  I’m hoping to push myself farther and faster next week.  I don’t feel physically dead by the end of the 2 miles, but mentally I can’t seem to convince myself that I’m able to go father.

Once I go as long as I can with the running, I switch to the recumbant bike and ride that for about 20 minutes at a medium level.

I feel much more comfortable being out of breath than I did in the past.  I attribute this to my P90x exercises and plan on to still keep those videos in my workout rotation.  My legs are much stronger from doing the program before and it seems to have kept them from aching while I run.

My goal?  To run a 5-K by this summer.  I know physically I’m totally capable.  I could probably do it now, although I wouldn’t be nearly fast enough.  So I have plenty of time to train and get myself prepared mentally and physicaly.

Why am I so determined to run?

1. To prove to myself that I can.

Born to Run

Born to Run

2. I saw this book called, Born to Run which is about a man’s quest to find the world’s “superathletes” which leads him to a tribe which runs for miles upon miles in the mountains…barefoot.

3. Runner’s World Magazine – just reading it makes me want to push myself harder.  Hearing other people’s stories lights a fire under my butt.

4. My husband – he has always told me I have the build for running and is always supportive.

5. Food – I like to eat and running is a great way to burn off those extra calories that comes along with a passion for food.

For anyone who is also interested in running, there are some great sites that can help you get started – as well as some amazing tools to keep you on track!

Map My Run – this website is great if you want to plan a run through your community.  Other runners map out their favorite runs that you can use or you can map out your own favorite spots!  Tells you how far you’ll end up going, etc.

Cool Running – fantastic site with lots of helpful tips and plans to get you from your couch to running a 5-K in no time. Tons of helpful info including gear, safety, nutrition, injury prevention and training plans. Even great for experienced runners and marathoners.

Run the Planet – another great website for finding routes, proper shoes, upcoming races and much, much more.


8 responses to “Eat, Pray, Run

  1. I got pingbacked to your post — and I can see why! I can completely relate to the limitations of your running capacity: I’ve been in the same situation for most of my life! Kudos to you for sticking to your 20 minute goal, and I promise that it does get easier. Setting achievable goals is a great confidence booster, and upping the ante for yourself at the pace that you find most comfortable is definitely the best way to go. Best of luck and keep me posted on your quest to becoming a runner! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the support!! Right now, my comfortable pace isn’t that fast so I’m hoping to build up my endurance and speed as time goes by! It’s good to know that this gets easier! 🙂

  2. I’ve never been a runner nor aspired to run, but I do understand your plight. I understand being determined to complete a goal and then wanting more from yourself once you complete it. I wish you luck in your goals. Also, I will be starting P90X this Saturday and reading what you posted here about it makes me excited to start. I am hoping it increases my endurance and stamina.

    • Oh cool! Keep me posted on how it goes this weekend! I struggled with the Plyometrics video at first, but I definitely can tell a difference in my ability to push myself harder than when I first started. Good luck to you!!

      • I’m in day 5 of P90X and I totally love it. I was scared of many aspects of this workout as I’ve heard some things. What I found out is that I’m in much better shape than I think I realized. My Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels, Exercise and Fit TV workouts really have gotten me in great shape for this. Just thought I’d follow-up with you. I certainly recommend P90X to anyone wanting a challenge to their workouts, as long as they are already fit.

      • I’m glad you’re enjoying it!! I was really intimidated by it at first too, but it’s amazing how we can underestimate ourselves sometimes! Are you following the diet plan or are you winging it? I tried to do the diet, but it didn’t stick for whatever reason. How are you doing with it?

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  4. No, I’m not doing the diet plan for the P90X. I figure I lost 176 pounds with my own diet plan and I’m not really trying to lose more weight, so I’d rather stick with what I’ve been doing. I just wanted the workouts for the challenge and to further tone. I keep saying I’ll look over the diet plan just to see what it says but I keep forgetting. Sounds like I’m not missing much… LOL

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