Making a Comeback

The whole concept of not knowing what you’ve got till it’s gone could not ring more true to me than it does now. I’ve missed my Fit Chick Diaries! I feel sharing this aspect of my life with whoever stumbled across my site helped keep me on track with my goals and aspirations. I got bombarded with a load of craziness this summer, which made this all move to the back burner. But no more!

Over the summer, my husband took an internship in NYC and I had quite a bit of time to myself. I ran 20+ miles per week…not bad for a girl who used to cringe at the idea of a light jog! My longest run was 6.2 miles – a 10k – but I have yet to do an actual race!

My current goal is to build up my endurance and complete a half-marathon this spring or summer. I haven’t registered yet because I still am not sure which one to enter.

I have quite a bit of training to do and, unfortunately, I live in the arctic tundra where we had 6 inches of snow fall already. I’m not letting the bitter winter hold me back, but I did ask for warm running gear for Christmas! Let’s see if Santa was paying attention!

Anyways, any tips you can give this long distance newbie would be much appreciated!


10 responses to “Making a Comeback

  1. candicepeak

    There are a ton of sites that can help you out with half marathon training. If you just google it you can easily find schedules of how long you should run each day and it certainly helps with weekly planning! I look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks for following! And yeah I just started looking at some sites with plans for half-marathons! I found a couple that seem like they’d be good for building distance. I’m not super worried about speed at the moment. I guess I want to just prove I can do it. How long did it take you to train for your first half?

  2. candicepeak

    So I was doing pretty well with training for my first half up until 2 weeks before and then I stopped running completely because I was so busy at the time. First of all, I do NOT suggest you do this haha. The most I had run before my first half was 8 miles about a month before the race and it was between mile 8-9 that I really started to hit the wall. I would suggest giving yourself at least a few months to follow a training schedule and stick to it. One longer run a week is a must (I call those confidence runs!). Usually for a half 10-11 is all you need for a longer run before a race. I hope this helps!

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  4. Glad to see you’re writing again! 🙂 I’m also trying to go for a half sometime in the spring or summer, and I’ve been so busy the last few months (getting married, moving, LSATs) that I am toootally back to square one right now because I haven’t gone running since August. You might want to try for a 5K or a 10K to warm yourself up for the half marathon (that’s what I’m going to try to do over the winter and spring). My brother-in-law runs marathons and he also recommends a super long run at least once a week as Candice suggests above. I’ve also read that to prep for the physically tolling run it can be helpful to break up your daily runs into 2 parts – say, 3-5 miles in the morning and 3-5 in the evening. Personally I’m going to stick to morning runs until the spring, and then I’ll start doing 2-3 longer runs a week. High five to working up to that half marathon! 🙂

    • Wow! You’ve been super busy! Congrats on the move and getting married! It sounds like we’re both in the same boat as far as taking a long break from the running department. I’m definitely going to take you up on that suggestion of running a smaller race first before the half. Especially since I’ve never raced before in my life, it will probably be a nice way to ease into the whole atmosphere too. And breaking up the daily run is a great idea too! I think I’ll do my first long run next weekend – I’m kind of using these first couple weeks just to build back strength and then after that it’s down to business! Good luck with your half marathon training! It’s nice to know I’ve got company in this whole experience! And high five right back! 🙂

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