Showing Old Man Winter Who’s Boss

Well the New Year has officially kicked into high gear for me!  I started my Winter classes this past Monday, and I already feel like I live and breathe Geology.  I actually had a dream about rocks last night!  But the good news is I will graduate in May, so for now I have to pretend like a 6 hour lecture on igneous and metamorphic rocks is the most fascinating part of my day!  Woohoo!

In other news, I finally received my cold weather running clothes that I ordered with my Christmas gift card.  I LOVE them!  I am always worried about shopping for clothes online because I feel like I never get the sizes right — especially pants.    I’m 5’9 and finding jeans that aren’t dragging on the floor, or have me looking like I’m waiting for a flood is always a concern.  The best part is I was able to purchase both the tights and the soft-shell for under $100 on

Don't mind my messy hutch in the background!

Luckily, the Brooks Infiniti tights fit perfectly!  They are definitely made for people with long legs, or who don’t mind a little extra material at the ankles.  I think you’d have to be at least on the taller side for them to fit properly.  I was a little chilly when I wore them in 20-30 degree weather the other day, but I didn’t have goosebumps or anything. I could probably wear those wind-resistant outer shell pants over them when it gets any colder than that, and be good to go.

The ASICS Thermopolis LT Hoodie is just the right length for my arms, and even has thumb holes.  I wore it over a long sleeve under layer, and I felt perfectly comfortable.  Not too warm, not too chilly.  I love that the neck has a pouch to cover the zipper when it’s all the way up to prevent it from rubbing up against your skin!

Despite my time consuming class schedule, I managed to get out and put my Garmin 305 to the test, along with my new wardrobe!  I’m so happy with it so far, although I’m still trying to figure out how to use all the features.  I ran a little over 2.5 miles the other day, and uploaded the results to the Garmin software. The software is pretty bare bones, in the sense that it doesn’t look pretty.  Still all the data you could ever need is presented.  I haven’t tested the heart rate monitor yet, but this is what my results looked like:

Not a great day for running, but I made it work!

Now in my defense, this was not a great day for running mainly because I had to tip-toe around ice on the sidewalks, and stop to kick the slush off my shoes.  The Garmin has an automatic pause feature, but I was too excited to just get out of the house that I didn’t take the time to learn all the buttons.  Since then, I’ve played around with it more and it’s very, very simple to operate.  The screen is just large enough to make it easy to read while on the run.  Overall, I’m super excited to have this little gadget.  I can easily see how my running can improve by knowing how I’m progressing, and how hard I need to push myself to reach my goals.

And finally, I found this picture online and I thought I’d share it with you.

An inspiring photo: Don't Give Up!

This post is kind of a hodge-podge, but I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

How is your Winter running going?  


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