Healthy Eating (recipes and such)

What I’m Cookin’ Up

Here are all the recipes I’ve blogged so far in one convenient location!  Enjoy!

An Apple Dip to Replace All Apple Dips

An absolute favorite of mine that will not cause you to overload on empty calories!  A filling snack or a healthy dessert…

Lighter Everyday Mac and Cheese

The most healthy macaroni and cheese I have found that still tastes amazing.  Even my husband loves this version of a favorite comfort food.

Yummy Apple Crisp

Satisfy your sweet tooth and still keep your waistline in check!

Black Bean Soup with Sherry

Full of protein and delicious flavor, a perfect soup for cold, wintry days!

Sante Fe Rice and Bean Salsa Dip

Delicious and low-calorie dip that is perfect when served with Baked Torillias. Serve at your next party or much down with your loved ones.

Baby Tiramisu

An EatingWell recipe which looks amazing and will be a perfect finish to a wonderful meal.

Healthier Christmas Cookies and other goodies

A bunch of great recipes to help you celebrate the holidays without feeling guilty about indulging in a few holiday treats!

Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothies

If you’re going to have a smoothie, make it healthy like this one!

Mango Champagne Spritzers

These are delicious and make for wonderful party drinks!


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