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How to Move a Blog

Dear friends, fans and followers:

Well it’s been a year or so since I’ve written a post for Fit Chick Diaries and you deserve some sort of explanation. Last year was extremely tough for unexpected personal reasons and many, many changes happened. First off, I did not move to New York! I ended up finding a fantastic job in Madison, Wisconsin and now live here in this much smaller (but no-less incredible!) city. Second, I did not run ANY races last year. Boo. I know! I was extremely disappointed. But with all that was going on at the time (which I won’t bore you with), my heart wasn’t into it. In fact, it hit a dead stall and only within the last couple weeks have I had the desire to even lace up my running shoes. Third, I have added another passion to my life…TRAVELING. After dreaming of visiting another country for years, I finally had the money and gumption to just do it. I spent three weeks backpacking solo in Ireland and England last fall followed by a short trip to Germany last month. Traveling seems to offer the same benefits as running, in that it clears my head and allows me to truly test my comfort zone in a whole new way. The only problem? Drinking beer in Germany does not count as exercise.


Now that life has calmed down a bit and I’m falling back in love with running and adding new hobbies to my life, I’ve decided to create a new blog. I’m calling it Running Dust and Wanderlust – I would love to have some familiar blogger faces follow along! I’ll still be blogging about running, fitness & recipes, but I’ll be adding some bits about my adventures as well.

I’ve missed you all and hope to see you there!


P.S. I’ll leave Fit Chick Diaries up for a while because I notice it is still receiving quite a bit of traffic ūüôā


Help! I’m a diet slacker!

Argh, I am so bad with blogging.¬† I feel like I never have time to just sit and pump out a good post!¬† I haven’t had a whole lot to write about as I haven’t been as strict with my workouts as I was a few weeks ago.¬† Nick is working and involved in a ton of campus activities and I’m still trying to get into a schedule.¬† We have been eating out a lot because we’re at school from 2-8:30 on some nights and by the time we get home it’s 9 and I’m definitely not in the mood to cook.¬† I know I need to start cooking meals or prepping them in the morning so they’re done or ready to go by the time we get home.¬† I know this is what I need to do and yet I haven’t practiced what I preach and just do it already!

Tomorrow night this will all change.¬† I’m going grocery shopping and stocking the house with healthy lunch materials that can be taken on the go as well as quick dinner fix-ins.¬† I am researching our campus gym so I can’t let school get in the way of my working out.¬† It’s about $50 or so per semester which isn’t bad.¬† They just tack the cost onto your tuition, so you don’t have to pay up front if you don’t want to.

All in all, I’ll be getting back on track here in no time.

As if one blog wasn’t enough for me to keep up with, I’ve decided to add another blog.¬† It’s called, My Life as a Disaster.¬† This will be a humorous personal project where I’ll write about the daily happenings of life in general.¬† I’ve added the link to the top of this blog, so please check it out and hopefully it will blossom into something fun for you all to read as well!

Fit Chick Diaries now has a social network

Follow Me!

Follow Me

I recently set up a facebook account and twitter for the Fit Chick Diaries! ¬†I’ll post regular health tips and updates via those social networking sources as well. ¬†Check them out!

http://twitter.com/ fitchickdiaries

or search for Fit Chick Diaries on Facebook!

Rehabbing with the Troops

Wedding Day Bliss

Wedding Day Bliss

For those of you who don’t know, my husband was a combat medic stationed in Afghanistan. ¬†We actually met while he was overseas. ¬†I was working in another library and had heard that they needed care packages sent to help boost troop morale. ¬†I put together a box full of books and snacks and¬†hygiene¬†products, but I didn’t want to send it anonymously. ¬†My friend had been in Iraq and mentioned that they didn’t take anonymous mail seriously. ¬†So, I randomly came across my now husband’s name online and sent the package to him. ¬†He wrote back thanking me and we kept in constant contact for the next 6 months or so. ¬†When he was finally sent back to the states he immediately flew to Wisconsin to meet me and my family. ¬†We’ve been together ever since.

At Work in Afghanistan

At Work in Afghanistan

When he got back from being deployed, he was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury. ¬†The right side of his body doesn’t work properly and for a while he couldn’t write his name. ¬†From the outside you can’t really tell, but every now and then some symptom shows itself. ¬†He wasn’t allowed to workout for the rest of the time he was in the Army because they felt that it might worsen the symptoms of the TBI. ¬†He ended up putting on some extra weight and hasn’t been able to find the motivation to lose it. ¬†We’ve bought all the workout equipment and every now and then he’ll get a boost of energy, but overall he just needs that team-like feel and¬†extra support that he got while in the Army.

So just recently he was accepted into a program called Rehabbing with the Troops. ¬†He has to do certain workouts and challenges along with other veterans while posting videos and blogging about the experience. ¬†I’m very happy for him because he now has that brotherhood of support that was lacking and he’s truly excited about starting the program and getting in shape!

I’ll keep you posted on his progress as he goes!