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Fit Chick Diaries now has a social network

Follow Me!

Follow Me

I recently set up a facebook account and twitter for the Fit Chick Diaries!  I’ll post regular health tips and updates via those social networking sources as well.  Check them out!

http://twitter.com/ fitchickdiaries

or search for Fit Chick Diaries on Facebook!


What are you thankful for?

This year and every year, I’m thankful for my loving family. I’m grateful to have a bounty of good food to eat and people to share it with. I’m thankful for my new husband and our dog. I’m happy to have a safe place to live. I’m blessed to be going to a nice college and getting good grades. My brother is away for the holidays, but he’s missed and I wish he could be here to celebrate with us.

No health tips today! Instead, readers go ahead and list anything your thankful for this year!