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How to Move a Blog

Dear friends, fans and followers:

Well it’s been a year or so since I’ve written a post for Fit Chick Diaries and you deserve some sort of explanation. Last year was extremely tough for unexpected personal reasons and many, many changes happened. First off, I did not move to New York! I ended up finding a fantastic job in Madison, Wisconsin and now live here in this much smaller (but no-less incredible!) city. Second, I did not run ANY races last year. Boo. I know! I was extremely disappointed. But with all that was going on at the time (which I won’t bore you with), my heart wasn’t into it. In fact, it hit a dead stall and only within the last couple weeks have I had the desire to even lace up my running shoes. Third, I have added another passion to my life…TRAVELING. After dreaming of visiting another country for years, I finally had the money and gumption to just do it. I spent three weeks backpacking solo in Ireland and England last fall followed by a short trip to Germany last month. Traveling seems to offer the same benefits as running, in that it clears my head and allows me to truly test my comfort zone in a whole new way. The only problem? Drinking beer in Germany does not count as exercise.


Now that life has calmed down a bit and I’m falling back in love with running and adding new hobbies to my life, I’ve decided to create a new blog. I’m calling it Running Dust and Wanderlust – I would love to have some familiar blogger faces follow along! I’ll still be blogging about running, fitness & recipes, but I’ll be adding some bits about my adventures as well.

I’ve missed you all and hope to see you there!


P.S. I’ll leave Fit Chick Diaries up for a while because I notice it is still receiving quite a bit of traffic ūüôā


Embracing the “New” in New York City

I grew up believing I would NEVER want to live in a concrete jungle like New York. ¬†Considering I’ve only lived in cities with populations under 10,000 people, I ¬†couldn’t imagine not knowing my neighbors, or having to worry about locking my door. ¬†My parents own about 9 acres of land where I spent so many summer nights sprawled out on a blanket watching shooting stars. ¬†Cities seemed too constraining and¬†claustrophobic. ¬†I had explored Milwaukee and Chicago here and there, so I knew that bigger cities offered a lot more diversity and night-life — not to mention I wouldn’t have to drive an hour to the mall. ¬†Still, I swore I would live out my days in places with lots of trees and fresh air.

I must say, after actually visiting NYC this past summer, I’ve changed my opinion quite a bit. ¬†While I still pine after the wide open spaces of the rural areas in the Midwest, I’ve learned to love the beauty that can be found amid the rising skylines. ¬†My husband recently completed a summer internship in¬†Manhattan while I stayed behind to take a couple college courses. ¬†I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit over a long weekend, and we did a little bit of tourist-y sightseeing. ¬†We went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway,¬†Times Square, Central Park, and the Metropolitan¬†Museum. ¬†Everywhere I went, I was hearing beautiful languages spoken by beautiful people in beautiful places. ¬†Being able to take the Subway EVERYWHERE was a huge turn on for me because Wisconsin’s public transportation sucks, quite frankly. ¬†I only got a little taste of the Big Apple, but I was immediately craving more.

Let's Here It For New York!

My¬†new found¬†appreciation for the big city came just at the right time! ¬†As it turns out, I’ll be moving there this May! ¬†My husband was offered a full-time position at the place where he completed his internship. ¬†A week or so after I graduate from college, I’ll be taking the plunge into NYC! ¬†I am not going to lie, I am nervous. ¬†That weekend over the summer was the most time I’ve spent there in my entire life. ¬†Still, I feel as if I’m writing a whole new chapter for myself. ¬†I have no doubt that this change will expose me to an unending amount of possibilities. ¬†A wise man once said:

‚ÄúThe great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.‚ÄĚ – Oliver Wendell Holmes

I don’t know who that man is, but I like this quote! ¬†I feel it sums up pretty much everything about what this move will mean.

Not to mention, I’ll be able to do some of my runs in Central Park! ¬†Can I get a woot-woot?!


 Any suggestions on things I need to do or see once I get there?  Anything I should be prepared for or expect?